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Installing Pligg on your local WAMP server (for Windows) does not work. Skip directly to your LAMP server.


Translation is largely okay. Just translate everything in:

  • /libs/lang.conf
  • /libs/options.php

The only omission I could find, was the link 'Register', in the login sidebar. This string is not be translated.

To remedy this, change the following line (line 12) in both /templates/mollio-beat/sidebar_modules/login.tpl and /templates/paul01/sidebar_modules/login.tpl:

  <p id="register"><a href="{$URL_register}">Register</a></p>


  <p id="register"><a href="{$URL_register}">{#PLIGG_Visual_Login_Register#}</a></p>

And add the translation to your /libs/lang.conf file.


We are not going to cover much Flash-specific issues here, as we're more interested in connections and bridges to Flash apps.

html entities

Flash will display your html, but apparently not html entities. So, convert your html entities into the correct characters.

  • php: use html_entity_decode (certain entities like &lsquo;, etc. are not converted)
  • Ruby: Paul Battley has written a conversion tool for this purpose.

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