Scheduled Tasks or Cron Jobs

Moodle 2.7 saw the introduction of a new Task API. It's pretty straightforward, see the official documentation.

There's one catch, however. The tasks array entry pointing to your classname assumes that your class is in the following path: /[yourplugin]/classes.

For instance, if your task file is: /local/expirydate/classes/task/update_visibility.php, then you should refer to it as:

// With this as actual file location: /local/expirydate/classes/task/update_visibility.php
// Use this in /local/expirydate/db/tasks.php:

'classname' => 'local_expirydate\task\update_visibility'

This caveat is documented in lib/classes/component.php, class core_component, function classloader:

     * Class loader for Frankenstyle named classes in standard locations.
     * Frankenstyle namespaces are supported.
     * The expected location for core classes is:
     *    1/ core_xx_yy_zz ---> lib/classes/xx_yy_zz.php
     *    2/ \core\xx_yy_zz ---> lib/classes/xx_yy_zz.php
     *    3/ \core\xx\yy_zz ---> lib/classes/xx/yy_zz.php
     * The expected location for plugin classes is:
     *    1/ mod_name_xx_yy_zz ---> mod/name/classes/xx_yy_zz.php
     *    2/ \mod_name\xx_yy_zz ---> mod/name/classes/xx_yy_zz.php
     *    3/ \mod_name\xx\yy_zz ---> mod/name/classes/xx/yy_zz.php

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