Poodle: Multimedia Recording Plugins for Moodle

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Please note after installing the filter:

It is not essential but advised to turn the Text Cache lifetime off, or to 30 seconds in: “Site Administration→Plugins→Filters→Common Filter Settings”

And after installing PoodLL Database Activity Field:

At the time of writing, Moodle doesn't completely handle language strings for 3rd party database fields well. So you should add these stings to the bottom of [site_root]/mod/data/lang/en/data.php

$string['poodll'] = 'PoodLL';
$string['namepoodll'] = 'PoodLL';

ffmpeg issue

In the filter plugin versions prior to 2014111601, there is a problem with converting some file types to mp3 (through ffmpeg). See this discussion: ffmpeg issue.

To solve the issue, download the plugin from github: moodle-filter_poodll.

Sound Quality

To prevent any sound quality issues, set the mic rate to 44 for the Poodll MP3 recorder (Site administration > Plugins > Filters > PoodLL Filter).

Video Recording through Flash

If you're using Flash (instead of html5) for the video recorder, everything's processed by Poodll's public Red5 server. You must have a Red5 server specified in the Poodll filter settings, or else your Flash-based video recording will NOT work.

The default Red5 server is tokyo.poodll.com. It works, but it's slow in Europe.

Issue with MP4

I couldn't get the Poodll assignment and Poodll quiz question to work properly if the setting Auto Conv. to MP4 (under Audio/Video File Conversion Settings) was enabled. By default, this setting is not enabled. Leave it that way!

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