Solin Expertise Center

Technical tales and documentation created by and used by the Solin Company.

Linux And OSS

Everything about Linux and other Open Source Software we haved stumbled upon.

Ruby on Rails

Tales of our Ruby On Rails explorations.

Typo3 CMS

In depth knowledge about the php-based content management system Typo3, especially extension programming.

Visit the Typo3 Section.


Take a ride from MS Access to MySQL, and more, in our databases section. There is also a lot of database stuff in the Linux section.

Web Development

Everything from css, (x)html and javascript to the many MS IE oddities. In short: web development.

This section is still in its infancy.


Mostly about otherwise undocumented technical features of Moodle.


Wow, a new functional programming language! It's called Clojure.


PostgreSQL is an open source database server. The section PostgreSQL is mainly about configuration issues.


Other stuff: Miscellaneous.


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